Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, Jason Peters had one of his worst seasons statistically and some of the worst overall plays I've seen from a Tackle in a long time this year. He held out on Buffalo for money he didn't deserve and acted like a whiny baby the rest of the year just because he could. And somehow he STILL got into the Pro bowl.


Good to know that sometimes Karma does work out.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

And now for your Defensive POY...

Apparently, Paul Posluzney was the best defensive player on the Bills in 08.

While I have no problem with Poz winning the award - he was a force compared to some of the other defensive players we had this year (I'm looking at you, Ko) - it got me thinking. Our defense needs a bit of... I don't know, increase to its power next year. Poz didn't win anything else this year (not even a pro-bowl spot!) and he's the best player on the entire side of the ball? That does not bode well for the team going toward the future.

Congrats to Poz regardless!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dissecting the schedule for 2009

Dolphins, Jets, Patriots, Falcons, Jaguars, Panthers, Titans, Chiefs,
Buccaneers, Colts, Saints, Texans, Browns

It was a bad, bad day for Bills fans all over the place when they saw this schedule, I assure you. If Woody Paige looked at this schedule even he wouldn't give them a chance. Here's an analysis of each team and weather or not I think the Bills can beat them. (Obviously the division opponents count for 2 games apiece.)

DOLPHINS: I'm afraid that no matter how good the Bills get next season, Miami will remain on the drive upwards they were going for this season. Beating them twice won't happen and once might be a stretch. I'll give them the win in one of the two games simply because it'll actually be in Ralph Wilson this year. (1-1)
JEST: The Jets will not have Brett Favre next year and if they do he won't do any better than his lackluster performance this year. I do believe that winning both Jets games is possible next year. (3-1)
PATS: If Brady is back next year I can't see the Bills winning anything against them, especially if their defense remains close to untouched. (3-3)
BUCS: The 'Eers are going to be about the same caliber as they were last year and this game might actually be a close call. I'm giving it to the Bucs though, if not only because the Bills are pretty much required to drop a close one at home every year. (3-4)
FALCONS: Matt Ryan and company will take the Falcons to the playoffs again next year. The Bills probably won't even sniff the playoffs. Put the whole thing in Atlanta in front of that newfound hungry crowd next year and the Bills are toast. (3-5)
COLTS: The Colts are an odd team sometimes. On occasion they have an off-day, a horrible off day similar to the one that cost them the preseason game to the Bills in 08. Throw in the new coach and the Bills might have a chance in this one. Sadly I'm still giving the Colts the win because despite being in Buffalo, Payton Manning and co. are very tough to beat. I don't see the Bills stepping up next year with Jauron enough to overcome it. (3-6)
JAGUARS: I think it's safe to say that the comeback win in JAX this year was a pleasant surprise. I think they can do it again depending on the weather in Jacksonville next year. Chalk another shocker onto the Bills wins. (4-6)
SAINTS: I never know what to say about the Saints. They certainly show the potential every year, but fail miserably inevitably. (Sound familiar?) I doubt they repeat their amazing 2 season run this year, it was showing signs of falling apart near the end. I give the Bills this one at home. (5-6)
PANTHERS: Eech. The Panthers are damn good, especially in the regular season. Unless Delhomme and several of the other key players on the team are out for this one I can't find a way to give the Bills a win. (5-7)
TEXANS: Every year is the same old failure for the Texans, which is good news for the Bills - maybe. Houston showed signs of a rebirthing this year. (Actually ever since they dumped that Carr bum) The Bills get the win but only because it's in Ralph Wilson. (6-7)
TITANS: Can they repeat their fantastic season? In a word, probably. They retain almost the entire squad that led them to 13-0 next year, and that's bad news. Bills lose handily. (6-8)
BROWNS: I've given up on this aspect. If there's one team the Bills should never lose to and yet always manage to lose to... it's the Browns. I'm going to have to go with history and give the Browns a win. Probably a heartbreaker for the Bills fans, but a win. (6-9)
CHIEFS: They're still on the up-and-coming list around the NFL, and the game this year proved that they tend to make mistakes, especially on special teams. Bills win. (7-9)

Well, I was able to barely get the Bills to ANOTHER 7-9 season. And I was being incredibly generous. I just hope I can sleep through this next season so that Dick Jauron can finally be kicked out and the Bills can think about winning.

By the way, want to know how generous I was being here? My original draft had them going 3-13, 0-6 again in the AFC EAST, and losing all but 1 home game.

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TE? More like DE.

A recent blog on the Buffalo Bills website cites a lot of the mock drafts giving the Bills a TE at spot 11. I have to ask though... why?

Robert Royal might not be the explosive "pass-to" TE that the Bills need, but getting another one in the first round? We need another DE or another OT (if Peters decides to whine it up again and eventually leave) in the first round. There will be many tight ends available in this draft, and most of them will leave the first round intact.

Personally I'd have my eye on Brian Orakpo, a DE from Texas. He's almost guaranteed to still be there at 11 and it's very possible that a good pass rusher might separate the Bills from a 10-6 season. In the event that Orakpo is gone (the Browns might take him) Everette Brown would work nicely as well.

Quite frankly they can take a DE that wasn't expected to be picked until the 4th round from Syracuse and I'd be happy. Just some defense in general.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"I'm Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth millions"

Yeah, that's what we need, players shouting at the police in a state that nobody will care about him in.

If you don't know what I'm talkin' bout, refer here.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Notes on 2008

The fun thing about starting a blog about the NFL in January is that the season is over already for most of the teams - the Bills seem to fall in that category more often than not - so all we can really do is look back at the season before.

In that sense here lies my idea of how the Bills 2008 campaign turned out, in the form of a lovely bulleted list.

* The entire season could be construed as an elaborate troll on the fans. Seriously, how often does a team start out 5-1 and then wind up not only missing the playoffs, but in last place of the division?

* There was a spark of promise from this team several times during the season, for sure. The fake punt in the Seattle game, the newfound accuracy and poise in Edwards (on occasion), the defensive poise in the Broncos game, and the flurry of turnovers they were able to procure later in the season all come to mind.

* In my mind the entire season came down to coaching. In San Fran, Cleveland and New York the Bills lost only because of boneheaded decisions by Dick. I love the guy as much as everyone else, but failure to utilize Lynch in the right moments and Edwards in others just killed us. All 3 of those games (two at HOME, no less!) were easily in the grasp of the Bills minus one or two badly called plays. Wouldn't 10-6 have looked MUCH better than 7-9?

* Wilson's inability to bite the bullet and simply eat the small amount of Jauron's contract is inexcusable to me. Seriously, Mike freakin' Shannahan gets fired yet Dick stays put for another year? With the talent available to him, there is no reason Jauron gets two 7-9 seasons in a row. NONE. And with the tough schedule upcoming in 2009, another 7-9er looks inevitable. How long are the Bills going to wait before doing something about this mediocrity.

* If Marshawn can continue the hot streak of development he's been on these few years, next season is going to be a rockin' season for BEAST MODE. The only real problem I can see in him is his obvious problems with injury and his tendency to run sideways a bit more than he needs to. If those two problems are ever solved this guy might even have a HoF induction in his future. (This is including the wishful thinking that he snags Buffalo a title.)

* I actually started laughing myself to death after the Miami game in Toronto was over. In fact, I hope the Bills play that badly EVERY single Toronto game. I don't care if it's the one game that keeps Buffalo out of the playoffs, I want them to get clobbered. Nobody bought the $250 dollar tickets, there were no real Bills fans there, the place was full of orange/green and the Bills made a profit barely reaching above a normal game for all of it. The horrific loss was just icing on the cake. If there's one thing that'll shut up the people talking about a move to Toronto, it's more games like that.

* Interesting thought... If the Bills played in the AFC West they probably would've been 12-4 and ran away with the division title. Just sayin'.

* Jason Peters should be in the pro bowl about as much as Brett Favre. (Read: Not at all) He had several fine plays on the season as a whole, but he is a professional football player. EVERY professional has a couple good plays now and then. After the amazingly whiny holdout he staged before the season began his season certainly didn't prove that worth he was complaining about. The play at the end of the Jets game where he acted as nothing more as a turnstile leading to the Losman fumble comes to mind.

* Turning Point of the season: The concussion at the Cardinals game. Seriously, the second I saw Edwards leaving the field I told the Cardinals fan I was chatting with, "good game, enjoy your win." And obviously the season was never the same after Edwards came back from that. Beating the AFC West does not count.

* Favorite Player: Leionis McKelvin. Oh, if he can keep up his awesome skills next year than the Bills might be able to overcome even the dumbest of Dicks miscues.

* Biggest Disappointment: Lee Evans. I know he did his job and did it well as always, but am I the only person who thinks he was fairly quiet this year?

* Best game of the year: Denver. Where was that fire and the playmaking ability the rest of the season? They were able to recover from mistakes, make big plays, utilize interesting ideas and finish strongly in that game, even with a desperate team at home clawing at them from all sides. If they'd played like that the rest of the season I'd be writing a playoff preview right now.

* Moment I most cried myself to Sleep: Wide Right against Cleveland. Seriously, is there a worse way to lose games than missing field goals?

* Worst game: San Fransisco. Not only was it possibly the most boring game in NFL history for BOTH sides, but it showed the worst of the team. Missing several field goals, making boneheaded calls from 2 yards out of a touchdown, pretty much everything went wrong here. The fact that it was blacked out in upstate NY didn't help matters either.

* Also in the running for worst game but barely beat out: Cleveland. Way to represent on national TV, guys. I didn't stop hearing Wide Right jokes for the next... come to think of it, I'm still hearing Wide Right jokes.

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I am a lonely NFL fan who like many NFL fans has a good number of opinions and rants about my team of choice. Thus like many NFL fans, I've started a blog.

The difference here is that most of those NFL fans are affiliated with consistent teams. I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Therein lies the joy of my blogging.

In other words, brace for pessimism.

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